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Conan Exiles - Application For Administration

Hey everyone. This is Opie, on the [FG] PVP 5x/Harv/10x XP Conan Exiles server. I'm currently in the clan Hot Diggity Dong and intend to stay in that clan during my stint as admin with the following caveats...

1. Admin logs will be publish publicly so any admin actions taken can be seen by anyone. 

2. Any admin actions taken will be streamed live and a VOD created.

This will allow anyone to make a comparison between the logs and stream allowing for total transparency and to ensure there is no favoritism given to my own clan.  

As for my avalability, I work from home most days but will generally be able to help out during the following times...

Sunday - Randomly around

Monday - After 5PM EST

Tuesday - 9AM-5PM EST

Wednesday 9AM-5PM EST

Thursday - 9AM-5PM EST

Friday - 9AM-5PM EST (maybe later)

Saturday - Randomly around

Added a poll, feel free to vote!



POLL: Admin Opie (0 votes)
Posted by Opie a year ago


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