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[POLL] Foundations Around Bases

Due to some buzz in the community, I have started a poll to see how the players feel about placing foundations around other clan's/players' structures.

We need to be very clear with how we word this, since calling it general spam is a bit inaccurate.

The action in question would be:

  • Placing foundations around structures not owned by the player who is placing.
  • There would have to be zero intention to raid, but rather to indefinitely constrict.
  • Raiding would be defined as legitimately attempting to break down the structure.
  • If structures are left for a period of time with no raid action taken, it becomes spam and therefore is griefing. Time to be determined, but I feel 24-48 hours is a good window.


The distinction here is that it's not simply foundation spam, but placing foundations near structures you do not own.

POLL: Should we add this as a rule? (4 votes)
Posted by Archimodes a year ago

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Archimodes a year ago

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