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Dc once around specific area

Hello everyone,

today a new ark patch went online and i don't know if its the server or the game, but when me and my buddy were flying at the area around the green obelisk (55/33) on the Ragnarok map we were both getting disconnected, at the same area at different times (i was on my way to get his wyvern back to base cause he couldn't log in anymore). Every time we try to log in now were getting dc'd instantly again. We could play the whole time, until we reached that area. 2 of our Wyverns are stuck there now and we can't log in to set them on neutral at least ^^ Restarting the pc aswell as searching the game for errors or reinstalling the game didn't change anything.


Does anyone else know about this bug?

Posted by Krautschleuder a year ago

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Archimodes a year ago

Edit: There is a Titano stuck in a cliff right at my location, maybe this causes the game to dc (and the edit button didn't work for me). Reply


Archimodes a year ago

Sorry for the delay in response, it really throws me for a loop when it glitches and says I posted something when I didn't.

Is this resolved?