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Day/Night Aberration

On abberation the time jumps from 1700 to 400  and there is hardly any night ... since night is the only time that you can go on the surface this means that it is pretty much off limits and ruins some key gameplay for the map we can either change it so its just aberration or even change all the maps since we have acess to the gamma command now and didnt when this was an issue.


so what should we do 


  1. leave it the same
  2. change just aberration
  3. change all the servers to longer night


Posted by Geno a year ago

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Rayzerfang a year ago

There is no need to change the day/ night cycles. It has a rotating them...
50% Day / 50% Night then it becomes
10% Day / 90% Night then it goes back to
50% Day / 50% Night then it becomes
90% Day / 10% Night then the entire cycle repeats...
You have just had awful timing when getting online i think sadly lol Reply



I think changing the night time to be normal on aberation would be awesome. Reply