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Harvest amount a way to low

i cut down twenty trees and only got enough resorces to build 3 thatch foundations the rates are not 5x or 10x.  average 2 wood 2 thatch per tree that is bull dust and i got sucked in by the lies. i have over 2100 hours in ARK and i don't want to spend 4 days of game play just to build a 8X8 floor for my base. and after first death i lost all the starter stuff and when i got the emails from fushion i never got codes for chat to get things.... YES I'M NOT HAPPY THIS IS WHY I LEFT THE LAST TIME,, BAD COMUNICATION TO CUSTOMERS...

Posted by GrumpyChair 2 years ago

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Archimodes 2 years ago

Are you talking about the new Playground server? Reply


Archimodes 2 years ago

If so, you're not meant to actually harvest here. Just !buy all the resources you want - they're all free and don't charge any SP when you use that command.