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Increasing Wild Dino Level

Greetings All,

I am in favour of increasing the wind dino level (by increasing the difficulty level, current is 5 so max dino level is 5x30=150, please let me know if it affects anything else). My main motivation is that breeding is more fun (greater variance in stats, bigger numbers are always nice) however I understand that some players may find it invaidates the previous work they put into breeding and that is a large consideration. (If you are on the fence because it minimizes your previous work in breeding I'd be more than happy to help you out with the higher levels, though I don't have tons of time and have just restarted on these servers)

Another consideration is that it makes it easier to do the bosses. I'm not well versed on the balance of doing bosses but from what I understand it requires a large number of high level dinos and players too. An increase in wild level would make the tek content more achievable for part timers/solo players like me.

If this gains enough traction then I (or someone else) will make another poll about how much to increase the level. For now the poll will just be are you in favour of increasing the level?

Please leave a comment if your answer does not neatly fit into a Yes or No.



POLL: Increase Wild Dino Level (2 votes)
Posted by Moose 2 years ago

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Archimodes 2 years ago

You should be able to get votes by posting the link to this post in Discord, if you haven't already. Reply