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PSA: Auto Decaying Tames

Some recent updates (within the past month) have caused some different functionality with tames. Please make sure you read this as it applies to every server with auto decay, including officials.


  • When you tame something, it will be "unclaimed" if you are not in render distance of it.
  • ARK auto-decays anything that is "unclaimed" after one hour.
  • Tribe logs will report incorrectly, stating that you tamed something and one second later it decayed.


That in consideration, make absolutely sure you are within render distance of anything you tame within one hour of it actually taming. Otherwise, your tame will be auto decayed. It is legitimately one hour, that much has been confirmed, despite the tribe log saying it tamed and one second later decayed. 

Posted by Archimodes 2 years ago


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