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Wiping wont happen

I think we can safely say that there are people who absolutely do not want to wipe. That is fine that is their right as valued players of fg.

Lets all just agree to shelve the wipe topic for now and make the most of what we have.

If one or more of the players who doesnt want to wipe right now changes their mind at some point in time we can discuss the possibility of wiping at that point. For now lets all consider it a failed vote.

I think bringing some closure into this topic will be a good thing so players are not thinking they could lose their progress at any time.

Posted by ManMode 2 years ago

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Tubz 2 years ago

I agree on the wiping matter. But I would like to point out that the boosted rates (from 5x to the current 10x) has had an obvious negative effect on the server.

Does anyone else agree to revote on lowering at least the gathering rate back down to 5x? Reply


ManMode 2 years ago

Yes they are too high. With the bot even normal rates are fine.