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Offensive Player

There's a person on the server who seemingly overnight has ice wyverns, skins, and all sorts of fancy stuff directly under the bridge hidden behind a waterfall (roughly 38:38 coords). It's pretty suspicious, but im not claiming anything. The part that is annoying other than this guy popping up out of no where is his tribe name is 1000 Year Reich, several of his dinos are named stupid shit like Jewasaurous or something of the like. Basically, this guy needs to be at the very least be reminded of the racial slur policy, and not have a tribe referencing Nazis.
Posted by DrunkScotsman 2 years ago

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Archimodes 2 years ago

I just verified what was posted here. The players in-game said they would just handle it.

While that is taking place I will be watching chat. Any slurs or toxic chat from them will result in a ban.

If we need to have an official poll on this, that's fine, but no one who is online right now actually voted for admin intervention. Reply


ManMode 2 years ago

It is done.