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No Imprint Riding Bonus?

Can anyone explain why there is no Imprint Riding Bonus for the dinos that we raise? 


Someone else may be able to explain it better but basically when you put in the hours to imprint and raise a dino it gives you a Riding Imprint bonus.  The bonus is only applied when the person who imprinted and raised the dino is mounted on it.  

For example if I were to imprint a Dire bear to 100% my dire bear would gain a 30% boost to its overall damage as well as a 30% increase to his damage mitigation.  If it were to get imprinted to 86% the boost would scale down to about a 27% boost to mitigation and damage.  This is a HUGE necessity fo wyverns and other tames that dont have saddles.  

Basically it is a big reward for players who put in the time to imprint their dinos, I have never even played on a server without it but it would be great if the admins could take a look at resolving this!

Posted by Tubz 2 years ago

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ManMode 2 years ago

as of this morning its working

not sure if its the ninja patch 264.4 or a server change but i get the buff on my rexes now Reply


Tubz 2 years ago

Awesome it has been resolved!



Tubz 2 years ago