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More ORP Abuse

ORP abuse is becoming a real problem. Not only is HYDRA logging in just enough to keep their cave blocking structures around, the tribe Approved is doing the exact same thing.

Approved have not logged in more than a handful of times the past week or so and they only do so long enough to reset the timers on their ridiculous wooden cave blocking structures. They even have signs up saying "fuck you this cave is ours".

Both of these tribes are building in low tier because they know there isn't a damn thing any of us can do about it.

Please vote to remove ORP!

I understand that there are some good solo players who run a risk with ORP being disabled. But the community is perfectly capable of getting rid of trolls and players who just offline raid for no reason. One Mode Only hates cowardice tribes anyway.

We the players can regulate the server. We don't need abusable mechanics like ORP which end up protecting the trolls in the long run.

Come on guys, enough is enough with the trolling ORP abusers. Let's just get rid of ORP and be done with all the shitters who want to cause shit by blocking caves and logging off.


PS I would be open to ORP2 but talking with some players and admins I have been told that the mod ORP2 caused players to lose all their work in the past. I'm still open to it but some people are very much against it and I don't blame them.

POLL: Remove ORP (16 votes)
POLL: Add ORP2 Instead? (15 votes)
Posted by ManMode 2 years ago

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Archimodes 2 years ago

This got a lot more traction than I anticipated. Ask and you shall receive.

Thanks for voting everyone. Please keep the polls coming. You guys are the ones playing, therefor you should be the ones making it satisfactory to your play style. Reply