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Third Person?

So was curious as to why 3rd person is disabled?   Is there a specific reason behind it?   Is there a possibility that it will be reenabled on the Ragnarok server?

Not sure if I am the only one curious about this or if I am the only one wishing third person be enabled.   Please any feed back on my question or thoughts on it would be greatly appreciated.

POLL: Enable Third Person (9 votes)
Posted by kalhoun1234 2 years ago

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Archimodes 2 years ago

This is definitely a possibility. I just need to make sure that no one has strong opposition to it before enabling it.

For something like this, I don't even think we need a lot of votes. It's a small enough change that making sure someone isn't strongly against it is all that will be required. Reply


kalhoun1234 2 years ago

Yeah no worries, thats kinda why I did the poll to see if there is anyone who is against it.



ManMode 2 years ago