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What is Tame Insurance?

You will be able to revive a fallen fully matured tame (only its base level - you must level it up again) once per week with tame insurance. Tames cannot be in any stage of maturation, unfortunately. In the past it has been limited to one particular tame, but I'm lifting that restriction this time around. Now, you can revive any tame that has fallen, once per week. Upgraded memberships allow more than one fallen dino to be revived.

Screenshots will be necessary for all revives.

Any revive above level 224 will be neutered to prevent any potential for cheating the system.

Revive timers reset Monday night at 11:59 Mountain Standard Time.


Bonus SP

With Bonus SP, you get the designated amount upon purchasing a membership and every time the membership renews (once per month). 


Store Discounts

If your membership offers a discount, you'll be able to type the normal command for a purchase and get the designated discount. For example, if the price of an item is 50 SP, simply type "!give 50" and the amount you actually pay will automatically be reduced. For example, with a 10% discount, you'll only be deducted 45 SP.

Posted by Archimodes 3 years ago


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