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SurvivalBot and SP

What Is SurvivalBot?

SurvivalBot is a script that monitors your in-game chat activity and allows many things, like currency, to exist without a mod.


What Is SP?

SP is a form of in-game currency which will allow you to purchase virtually anything. Here is how you gain SP:

  • Playing on the server
  • Posting threads
  • Posting comments
  • Upvoting
  • Upvoting the server on

Please don't simply upvote troll threads, as if something is marked as "unconstructive" all points gained (reputation and SP both) will be lost, and some additional will be deducted. These cases are rare, but may happen. Just make sure you upvote what you think truly deserves an upvote, and use the downvote feature wisely.


How Can I Spend SP?

Type !buy <quantity> <item> to buy from the in-game store, or !give <quantity> <steam name> to buy from someone else on the server.



  • !sp - Shows your current SP balance.
  • !give <quantity> <player[optional]> - If no player is designated, you give the quantity of SP to the server (for store purchases). If a player is designated (it MUST be the Steam name) and in-game, the player will receive the SP instead of the server.
  • !settings - Shows the current settings on the server.
  • !link <email> - Links your in-game account to your account here on the FG community.
  • !list - Shows a list of items you can purchase in the automated store.
  • !buy <quantity> <item> - Allows you to immediately purchase an item on the store. For example: !buy 100 CementingPaste
  • !kibble <creature> - Shows you what is best to use while taming said <creature>. Please note: Creatures will be without spaces. For example: !kibble TerrorBird


What If Someone Doesn't Pay Up?

All trades and activity performed with SP are up to you and who you are trading with. I personally will not force someone to pay up, and there will be no server/admin repercussions in failing to pay. I cannot meddle in the affairs of the server directly, so choose who you trade with wisely. 

Posted by Archimodes 3 years ago

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rafikerus 3 years ago

I linked my email in game but it still says I'm not registered and can't gain FP. Any idea why? Reply


Ripshank 3 years ago

Dad registered on this website and followed the instructions on the email that got sent to him, and when he went to link it nothing happened. So I used an alternate email of mine to try and do it for him since I've already done it on my own account and still nothing. Any reason why he wouldn't be able to connect his steam account? We've tried using local chat to link the email and we're typing everything right, logging into the website before linking, etc etc. Reply


DaveSruleS 3 years ago

Hi, I'm registered on the website here but the Email sent wont authorize the account (keeps saying Invalid Number). Ive been playing a fair few days and have not earned any SP etc. this makes me sad... (In game Medium Dave (Thundercats Tribe)) Reply


BloodSkin 3 years ago

generally speaking its !register [email protected]



CptHowdy 2 years ago

today i bought silica pearls and i did not get them. . . . will this be fixed soon? Reply


CptHowdy 2 years ago

i just received it thnx



Archimodes 2 years ago

Glad you received it!

Sorry, sometimes Survivalbot gets stuck outside of the server, or something happens to prevent a purchase from being fulfilled for a while.