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Global Rules

Global Rules

These rules apply to all servers at all times, without exception.

View Steam Online Conduct

You must follow the Steam Online Conduct at all times. Failure to do so will result in a kick/ban. Other than that, here are the rules local to FG:

  • No Griefing (Griefing is at Admin discretion and it not simply someone who does something you dislike - most of the time it's something like placing turrets on spawn points, boxing spawn points, etc.)
  • No toxicity
  • No racial slurs (this is technically outlined in the Steam Online Conduct)

Stream Sniping

Stream Sniping is absolutely a bannable offense. Do not use a streamer's video to gain an unfair advantage! You've been warned. If this happens, extremely harsh and swift action will be taken. You and possibly your tribe will be permanently banned from the FG network as a whole.

Just don't do it. 

Admins and What They Help Out With

Admins are around to help out with bugs, glitches, and anything that has been lost due to them. For example, dinos/players falling through the world floor is a clear and obvious glitch.

Admins are not here to help with personal errands. For example, anything that you could accomplish on your own but are either presently unable or do not want to do, such as:

  • Merging tribes
  • Moving your base
  • Teleporting you somewhere
  • Killing you when you're caged/tranq'd

Please keep in mind we take every request seriously, and if you bombard admins with unreasonable requests you are pulling us away from legitimate issues. 

Most of the admins here spend a bare minimum of 10 hours per day (whether you see them in-game or not is irrelevant) helping with glitches, working on the servers, moderating the website/discord/etc., and making sure the community is running well. This is all 100% unpaid - admins donate their time because they love the community and are passionate about helping to provide a positive gaming environment for all to enjoy.

All-in-all, just keep in mind that admins' time is valuable. We are not personal servants, we are here to help with large-scale glitches and bugs. Every time we get a request for trivial things because someone is simply too lazy to do something, it demeans the entire community and takes from legitimate requests for help.

Posted by Archimodes 3 years ago

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Comost 2 years ago

hmm no griefing yet its full of turret trolls .... so basically only prevent direct caging and trolls in that manner anything else goes from turret boxing and foundation spamming the server. Reply